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Heaton Park Portrait Session

I started my photography journey back at the start of 2010, which is when I bought my first camera, a Sony A450.

Its funny how things work out but I never had any intention of it becoming what it is today. I also began with only shooting portraits and sports with no intention of EVER shooting a wedding. The added pressure of making any mistakes and running the risk of ruining someone's day I found unbearable.

I kind of fell out of love with Portrait photography quite early on. Anybody that I have done work for knows that im not a fan of posed photography, and every portrait session I was doing at the time, seemed to be just that. Either with or without studio equipment, me with a camera, directing my clients where to position themselves, a nice smile and click. That's what the client wanted after all.

I soon realised it wasn't for me.

I was asked to shoot a friends wedding and after that I just became hooked. I went into it with the intention of not being the guy to say "smile for the camera". I just wanted to be there, with a camera, capturing the day as it happened. Lucky for me that's what my friend and his future wife were after. Nothing posed, nothing staged. I remember I was there for 15 hours shooting, but it just flew by. I loved every minute of it.

Yes I was absolutely knackered, but the first thing I did when I got home was upload the 1000's of images id just taken, just to have a little look.

After spending the next few hours in front of my computer in Lightroom it was then I realised that an image becomes a million times better when the person being photographed has no idea it just happened.

And that was it.

Anyway, fast forward to April 2017 and many many weddings photographed. I was asked if I would be willing to photograph a portrait session in Heaton Park. I would normally have turned it down however they wanted images as they happened. Nothing posed. So hell yeah why not. Packed up the kit and off we went. And like a wedding, I had a blast.

Below is a small selection of images from the day of the very cute and adorable, Neave & Emelia.

John :)


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